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Though I know that I will never know you, I dream of making waves that you will feel from half a world away.

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May you recognize their cadence and know that they began within you. I was a freshman in college.

I miss my mom terribly, but what I miss most is being able to be a mother with her and share with her the trials, tribulations and joys of motherhood. However, as a mother of two teenage daughters in the MeToo era, her prescience has crystallized and I find myself having the same conversations with my own girls. The miraculous difference, though, between my generation and theirs is that my daughters can see these macro- and micro-aggressions in real time, and they actively speak out and fight against these ingrained biases whenever possible.

1. Your SAT score is not a measure of your worth as a human being.

So, if I had an opportunity, I would tell my mother thank you for passing along her passion and her belief in the power of women. I would tell her how grateful and proud I am to see this strength of hers reflected in my own children and how they hold and share this wisdom widely. I believe she would consider this to be one of her finest legacies.

It is certainly mine. Skip to content Motherhood. Ery Burns for The Lily.

Nneka McGuire. Illustrations by Ery Burns for The Lily. Responses have been lightly edited for length and clarity.

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Recommended by The Lily. Family Perspective I grew up with two sides of one mom: One was sober and loving. The other was an alcoholic and unpredictable. She was my angel and my antagonist Amanda Elder. Stay up-to-date with new career advice and resources published every week. Career Advice Your destination for expert career guidance.

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Click to save. Instead of criticising, ask your boss how you can help. What did you say your name is? I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person. Re: Very wise. Think how foolish you will look when you lose.

What Parents Wish They Could Say vs. What They Actually Say

My sister is snarky and it is difficult to be around her. Just like the examples, she is critical, sarcastic in a mean way and always finds fault with me. She will find something to be angry with me about. Will always find something.

Changing Careers

She likes to argue and wants to debate just about everything I say to her. This has always been the dynamic between us, where she is angry with me and does not hesitate to put me down regardless of me going out of my way to please her. Unfortunately, she has passed this on to her daughter and being around both of them is too much. I told her she is snarky and she and her daughter treat me like an unwanted third wheel.

Leaves me feeling worthless and has a rude comment about most things I say. During a recent small-business interview, I met with the owner and he was snarky.