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A prevention-focused person, for example, would do far better as a developer in a major corporation than launching her own startup. A promotion-oriented person will likely feel suffocated in a traditional 9-to-5, thriving instead in a more creative environment with bigger risks and bigger rewards.

This will help you further pinpoint just what you need in your work environment to thrive.

Will You Love Your Job? Here Are 4 Ways to Choose the Right Career

An introvert, for example, may be more attracted to a quieter research role, while an extrovert will thrive in a busy, loud sales office. Public speaking, amount of teamwork required and frequent contact with clients are also factors to consider. Some factors you might want to consider include the amount of control they have over their own time, their salary and the amount of travel involved, among other factors. If giving back to the community gives you the most job satisfaction , then perhaps being a social worker with a relatively low wage will satisfy your needs.

While not essential for every career type, determining where you want to live can be an important part of the career search process.

This is especially true for jobs that are focused in certain regions. Wheat farmer?

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The Midwest. Just about anywhere. Do you seek a metropolitan lifestyle with restaurants and cultural attractions on every corner? Or do you need the beauty and quiet of a rural setting? This is another place where the data can be extremely helpful. Deciding which career is right for you can be an overwhelming process. Rather than focusing on identifying a direct path, first determine your own needs and goals, and then sync your findings with what the world has to offer.

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I like what you have to say about passions, but more important your dream job is not about money. Thanks for the kind words! However, there are some people who are motivated mostly by money and security, so where passions lie is a bit different for everyone!

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  6. Before choosing a career, it is very necessary to think carefully about your interest and the lifestyle you want to live with. Money is not everything, a mental satisfaction is more important than money.

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    There are many institutes and companies which helps you to find a right path. You can consult in those companies about your career related problems. A reputed consultancy Skillconnection provides best guidance to all the students which are confused with their careers.

    As you stated, starting down a certain career path can lead to many different options as your career progresses. You need to do the appropriate research while you are in school, to help you understand what a certain career choice is all about. From experiance of mine I can only suggest you particular profession, just because I work in this field. Choosing for your own career can be a very tough decision to make. You made a very good research as to what to consider in choosing for a career.

    And about careers in life or looking for jobs, you can also look for Invisume. You should check this out because it is a really great and convincing platform! Back to the Blog Overview. Blog Career Growth.

    Why put all this data in one place? What are you good at, and what do you love? Are you promotion- or prevention-focused? What is the best environment for your personality type? While you're on a short-term contract, have a nose around the organisation and see the bones behind various jobs. See if you can shadow other roles to see what they're about before you commit yourself.

    You may be pleasantly surprised. To find out what your potential future employers are looking for speak to your HR department to see the kind of boxes they aim to tick when CVs and applications come in. Placements can often turn into full time jobs, so make the most of the opportunity to impress. Even if your contract isn't extended, they may remember you when a position becomes available in the future.

    Once you've found an industry and company that appeals to you, start searching and applying for jobs immediately. If there is nothing available, it's always worth writing prospective letters to companies to see if there are any roles available that aren't currently advertised that would be suitable for someone with your skills.

    Choosing your employer — there is a choice There are various things that differentiate employers, and not just the industry they operate in. Number of employees, office culture, ownership, management structures and staff development are all key areas you should look into when deciding your ideal employer. Everyone is different when it comes to the type of environment they'd like to work in, so decide your criteria and check out the companies that offer a good match.

    When you're searching through job adverts , measure each against these points to give you an idea of what the company is like:. Keep your eyes open as you search for new jobs and never miss an opportunity to chat to friends and colleagues about possible openings. You never know what might turn up.