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Karen Gosling is an expert marriage relationship, trauma, and adult ADD coach. She has more than 30 years of coaching, speaking, and training experience helping individuals, couples, children, families, managers, and employees build trusting relationships and survive their life dramas. Back to Home Page: www. Want to survive your life dramas and live a life of EASE?

Click on the image to Order Your Copy. A critical and commercial success, one of the main reasons to check out Werewolf almost four decades after its release is to see the remarkable make-up effects, highlighted in a transformation scene that has lost none of its terrifying power.

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Arrival Speaking of brainy sci-fi, Denis Villeneuve seems to be one of the modern masters of the subgenre with Blade Runner and this Oscar nominee. Amy Adams stars as the woman who figures out how to communicate with an alien species that lands on Earth. However, this emotional film becomes more about humanity than anything extraterrestrial.

This is the kind of insanity that should make for a B-movie, but Ferrara and Keitel elevate it into fine art. Bad Santa Billy Bob Thornton gives one of his most playful performances in this dark comedy about, well, a bad Santa. Incredibly raunchy and deeply cynical, this is a brand of comedy for adults that is too rarely done well nowadays. Remember when they made movies like Diner and The Big Chill — flicks with big ensembles of interesting characters bouncing off one another? With the recent announcement that Bill S. This film find him at his creative peak, mixing commentary about xenophobia with slapstick humor in a way that felt transcendent at the time and holds up on repeat viewing.

Jonathan Mostow directs the always great Kurt Russell as a man who has some words with a truck driver and learns that road rage is never the answer. This is another great example of a movie that found its three stars at exactly the peak of their powers. Watch this scene and try to argue otherwise. Certified Copy Abbas Kiarostami passed away too young in but he left a notable library of great works, including Close-Up, A Taste of Cherry , and his final film, 24 Frames.

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However, the best work of his career is sitting right there on Hulu to introduce you to his filmography. This drama is a riveting movie about a woman Juliette Binoche and man William Shimell who seem to be meeting and flirting for the first time…but then maybe not. Smith has never been better than he is here at capturing believable, funny human relationships, and he gets his best acting work of his career as well from Ben Affleck, Joey Lauren Adams, and Jason Lee. Chicken Run There are precious few quality family films on Hulu, so you should try and embrace the few options you do have, such as this hit from Peter Lord and Nick Park, two of the geniuses behind Aardman Animations.

A clever riff on prison break movies like Escape from Alcatraz but with chickens! The homicidal doll recently popped up again in pop culture with a reboot, but the original franchise is still going strong.

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Go back to where it all began with this classic horror-comedy, a movie that scared a generation into throwing away their toys. Chinatown Forget it, Jake. Polanski uses a noir structure to get at something deeper about corruption and poison in the entire system. Clerks For those too young to remember when a little black-and-white movie about convenience-store clerks took the world by storm, it can be kind of hard to explain why Clerks was so huge.

DIY filmmaking was never the same. Even without the shocker, this is a solid film with great performances by Stephen Rea, Forest Whitaker, and Jaye Davidson. Maybe you wrote this off in the past as just another stoner comedy, but this movie deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as films like American Graffiti and Diner for the way it captures the way young people really communicate with affectionate and genuine filmmaking.

Walken plays a man who comes out of a coma with psychic powers. He can grab your hand and know your secrets, possibly even your future. When he shakes hands with a candidate for the Senate and sees a horrifying vision of nuclear holocaust, he knows he has to act. The first half is more of a character drama than the stark, action-driven second half. See for yourself if they work together as a complete piece for you. Washington and Davis find the truth in characters who would have been stereotypes in the hands of lesser actors.

A Fish Called Wanda One of the funniest movies ever made is just sitting there on Hulu waiting for you to laugh again.

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This brilliant comedy stars John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Palin, and Kevin Kline, whose timing is so good here that it should be studied by anyone seeking to do comedic acting. How good? So good that he won an Oscar for it. And make sure you fire it up on the biggest TV in your house and with the volume at a level to wake the neighbors. Force Majeure This Swedish film became an international hit on the back of rave reviews.

See the original first. Free Solo The surprising winner for the Oscar for Best Documentary is already right there on Hulu for you to catch up with it. His latest quest? To take down El Capitan, one of the most famous rock formations in the world, and one that had never been free-climbed. Goldfinger Bond, James Bond. One of the best movies of its kind ever made, this is the Sean Connery iteration of Bond, of course, and his adventures with the villainous Auric Goldfinger and the Bond girl with most unforgettable name, Pussy Galore.

Tom Hanks stars as a death-row officer who meets a prisoner Michael Clarke Duncan who may have supernatural powers. Check it out. This, the author says, is the Seven Ages of Man. These seven roles begin at birth and end with death. Birthmarks the entry of man in the first stage of life. An infant in the caretaker's arms is just a helpless child learning to survive. Babies communicate with us through their cries.

Having been nourished in the womb of the mother, the baby learns to accept breast milk as its first food. Vomiting is common among all babies. Once a baby is breastfed, you need to burp the baby.

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In the process, babies throw up some milk. Since babies do nothing most of the day, other than crying and spitting up after feeding, Shakespeare says that the first stage of life is marked by these two activities. Babies have been perceived as cute since the beginning of time. They feed and spit up, and between these two activities, they also cry. A lot. Young parents know the drill even before they become parents.

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While babies continue to be puking and mewling little adorable beings, the difference between then and now is that raising babies is a concerted effort between the parents. At this stage of life, the child is introduced to the world of discipline, order, and routine. The carefree days of infancy are over, and schooling brings about a regimen in the life of a child. Naturally, the child takes to whining and complaining about the forced routine.

The concept of schooling has seen a great change since the time of Shakespeare. In Shakespeare's time, school was a forced practice usually overseen by the church.

12 Lessons On How To Manage Crises In Your Life (And In Your Relationships!)

Depending on the status of the parents, a child went to either a grammar school or a monastic school. Punishments were common, and often harsh. Modern schools are quite unlike their ancient counterparts.