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For example, if someone is trapped in a fire and another person saves, or tries to save the trapped person. Now to report this incident, I could frame a headline like this:. I'd say it is part of an altruistic character. Such person may at times risk his own life to save someone in danger.

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Of course other personality traits can lead someone to do that and most of the adjectives already mentioned can also be used. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 4 years, 4 months ago. Active 4 years, 4 months ago.

Trolley problem

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Mari-Lou A Try selfless. Heroic also contains at its core the idea of a willingness to sacrifice oneself for others. A platform called Moral Machine [32] was created by MIT Media Lab to allow the public to express their opinions on what decisions autonomous vehicles should make in scenarios that use the trolley problem paradigm.

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Analysis of the data collected through Moral Machine showed broad differences in relative preferences among different countries. It would need to be top-down plan in order to fit the current approaches of addressing emergencies in artificial intelligence.

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  6. There is also the question of whether the law should dictate the ethical standards that all autonomous vehicles must use, or whether individual autonomous car owners or drivers should determine their car's ethical values, such as favoring safety of the owner or the owner's family over the safety of others. Although most people would not be willing to use an automated car that might sacrifice themselves in a life-or-death dilemma, some [ who?

    In , the German government appointed a commission to study the ethical implications of autonomous driving. In an urban legend that has existed since at least the mids, the decision is described as having been made in real life by a drawbridge keeper who was forced to choose between sacrificing a passenger train and his own four-year-old son. In the video game Fable 3 , one of the earliest moral choices players make involves having to choose to execute either their childhood sweetheart or a crowd of protesters. If a decision is not made within a certain period of time, the king announces that the player has five seconds to make up their mind, "or they all die.

    Some games such as The Trolley Problem Game [43] and Moral Machine [44] have made interactive games out of the thought experiment. In , a Facebook page under the name "Trolley Problem Memes" was recognized for its popularity on Facebook. An attempt to consider the trolley problem begins Season 3, Episode 15, "The Game", of the science fiction television series Stargate Atlantis.

    Rodney David Hewlett poses a situation of ten people on one track and one person a baby!

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    Teyla Rachel Luttrell , Ronan Jason Momoa , and John Joe Flanigan thwart his effort to conduct a hypothetical discussion by asking why the person who sees the train 1 doesn't simply warn the people on the track; 2 outrun the train and shove them off the track; or 3 "better yet, go get the baby"? The plays out a scenario in which one indecisive girl must choose to kill either a family of five on one track or a complete stranger on the other.

    In a paper published in the Social and Personality Psychology Compass , [51] researchers criticized the use of the trolley problem, arguing, among other things, that the scenario it presents is too extreme and unconnected to real-life moral situations to be useful or educational. Brianna Rennix and Nathan J. Robinson of Current Affairs go even further and assert that the thought experiment is not only useless but downright detrimental to human psychology.

    The authors are opining that to make cold calculations about hypothetical situations in which every alternative will result in one or more gruesome deaths is to encourage a type of thinking that is devoid of human empathy and assumes a mandate to decide who lives or dies. They also question the premise of the scenario.

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    In her paper published in the Science, Technology, and Human Values , Nassim JafariNaimi [54] lays out the reductive nature of the trolley problem in framing ethical problems that serves to uphold an impoverished version of utilitarianism. She argues that the popular argument that the trolley problem can serve as a template for algorithmic morality is based on fundamentally flawed premises that serve the most powerful with potentially dire consequences on the future of cities. In , in his book On Human Nature , Roger Scruton criticises the usage of ethical dilemmas such as the trolley problem and their usage by philosophers such as Derek Parfit and Peter Singer as ways of illustrating their ethical views.

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    Scruton writes, "These "dilemmas" have the useful character of eliminating from the situation just about every morally relevant relationship and reducing the problem to one of arithmetic alone. As a way of showing the flaws in consequentialist responses to ethical problems, Scruton points out paradoxical elements of belief in utilitarianism and similar beliefs. He believes that Nozick's experience machine thought experiment definitively disproves hedonism. In a article published in Psychological Review , [56] researchers pointed out that, as measures of utilitarian decisions, sacrificial dilemmas such as the trolley problem measure only one facet of proto-utilitarian tendencies, namely permissive attitudes toward instrumental harm, while ignoring impartial concern for the greater good.

    As such, the authors argued that the trolley problem provides only a partial measure of utilitarianism. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Moral psychology and Dual process theory moral psychology. The New York Times. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, Brian; Nystrom, Leigh E. Bibcode : Sci Psychological Science. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. Evolution and Human Behavior. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience. David; McDonald, Melissa M. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

    Bibcode : PNAS.. Retrieved 11 May The Atlantic. MIT Technology review. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience.

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    Bibcode : PLoSO.. Social Neuroscience. Ethical Theory and Moral Practice. June 1, Science and Engineering Ethics. And the life he wants to save is yours. If these are questions that you have about God, then "Saved" is for you. This is also the perfect book to give to a family member or friend who you want to understand the Gospel.

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