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Why am I experiencing this? What has happened to my life?

15 Ways to Discover Meaning, and Steer Your Way to Happiness

Where did I go wrong? Why did this person hurt me so bad? How am I going to handle this crisis? Drawn from years of experiences, obstacles, roadblocks, disappointments and pain that revolved into spiritual strength, growth and freedom.

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These inspirational reflections of encouragement delivers how to reinvent your thought patterns and redirect your mind to draw positive energy from your pain and enjoy your life while you are here. What if you realized there was really a way for you to recondition your thought patterns and redirect your life to achieve the dreams you never thought were possible? This compilation of quotes and daily doses of motivation will keep you motivated and help renew your mind and perspective. Leave Us A Review. Follow Us. Review Us on Yelp.

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GuideStar Memeber. We tend to lose track of the fact that we were created such way that we'd show most productivity in the morning. The fact that someone tilted the Earth at exactly 35 degrees always fascinated me. With the Earth's rotation, that exact tilt determines day and night successions; specifically, when and how much light we benefit from. Relatedly, scientists have identified patterns within our physiological processes; patterns we call circadian rhythms.

These rhythms tend to synchronize with light and dark cycles.

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There's a gland in our brain, right behind the eyes, calibrating the amount of light it receives. As in the figure below, when there's less light, around 9 p. Oppositely, in the morning, more light inhibits melatonin release, informing the brain that it's time to start working.

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  4. Under great pressure, such as anger or fear, our body produces cortisol. The stress hormone damages our organs, but exercising burns is, thus improving health. Endorphins, on the other side, are hormones that park on pain-signaling receptors in the brain, reducing our perception of pain.

    Also, similar to morphine, they induce a positive feeling.

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    We all function and perform based on patterns. Therefore, change and becoming a high performer starts from there — making sure we have the best habits in place to express and make use of our talents. Do you want to devote the rest of your life to a meaningful pursuit that leaves the world in better shape than you found it? Just like Steve Jobs or any of the other high performers, you have enormous, untapped potential. You just have to work out how to tap into that potential.

    A great way to start is by developing a routine that minimizes distractions and keeps you focused on your one thing — your purpose. You need to focus on turning your talents into skills through a consistent routine and deliver them to the world in a way that makes a massive impact. Ben Kubassek is an international expert on social entrepreneurship, author, and speaker.

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    Here is your free chapter. But, here's the thing: we all have unique talents.

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    Steve Job's Stanford Commencement Speech: Remembering I'll be dead soon is the most important tool I've ever encountered to make the big choices in life. Beethoven's mornings were focused on his most important work — creating music. The Power of Rituals High performers take consistent action which over time is the key to achieving real results. All of them are very easy to do, but, as I realized during my burnout, even easier NOT to do. However, much more than just science talk, the film takes you on a journey around the world to meet people who claim to have found some semblance of happiness in their own life, from the wealthy of Okinawa, Japan and sixty-year-old Brazilian surfers to members of a Danish commune.

    Short Term 12 is a story about change. Appearing at first to be just another Disney animated movie, this film is so much more. Zootopia tells the story of an aspiring big-city police officer.

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    The aspiring police officer? A spunky country girl, err bunny, born far outside the city. Somehow both an incredibly fun and entertaining movie for kids and adults alike while also telling a compelling story about prejudice, racism, and xenophobia, Zootopia hits it out of the park in every way.

    Living on One Dollar is a reality-style documentary that follows four college students as they attempt to live in Guatemala for eight weeks, a country where the average citizen can live on as little as one dollar a day hence the title.

    For the film, each of the four students lived on an allowance of zero to nine dollars each day, sharing a small hut purchased with a small loan to simulate the more exact circumstances of living in the area. Throughout their time in the country, they come face to face with illness, parasites, hunger, unexpected expenses, and the frustration that encompasses it all.

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