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However, the films have similarities: Both revolve around the terrifying aspects of grief and the complexity of human relationships, managing to make audiences feel dismayed and powerless after forcing them to confront the real-life horrors that lie within us. The film follows a young American graduate student, Dani Florence Pugh , as she grieves for the sudden deaths of her parents and sister while struggling to maintain a deteriorating relationship with her unsupportive boyfriend, Christian Jack Reynor.

Dani decides to tag along in a last-ditch effort to revive their relationship. On first sight, the Swedish community is welcoming, introducing the American visitors to the beauty of their village and its history.

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However, the dark underbelly of the commune becomes increasingly clear. The village is permanently bright, filled with colorful wildflowers, wooden cabins and smiling blonde Swedes.

However, despite the apparent beauty of the scenery, the setting is consistently unnerving — paintings on cabin walls display violent rituals, and the inhabitants use personability to mask their eerie behavior.