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Once they cross the line, can their marriage survive the experience? Read more about In Too Deep - Ch 1 thru 5 20 comments. Mysterious Stranger. Halloween Budding romance Crossdressing yoga pants. Crossdressing Halloween Romantic. Crossdressing Finding oneself Pretty Dresses. Costumes and Masks.

Crossdressing Halloween. Read more about A Girl for Halloween Part 1 36 comments. Crossdressing Pretty Dresses slumber party.

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You're feedback is great! Keep the comments and messages coming :. Crossdressing Makeover bikini Long hair.

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Crossdressing Girly Feelings. By: MysteriousStranger We left off with Tom, fully dressed as a girl, being embraced by his sister, Faith, for helping her cheer up. Also, feel free to comment with feedback or message me! New Author Mysterious Stranger. But some feminine changes are made along the way… Note: This is my first story that I have written, so any feedback in the comments would be much appreciated! Read more about You're Beautiful 16 comments. Chapters 16 - Read more about Marcia and Me Chapters 16 - 18 5 comments. Chapters 13 - Read more about Marcia and Me Chapters 13 - 15 3 comments.

Chapters 10 - Read more about Marcia and Me Chapters 10 - 12 3 comments. Chapters 7 - 9. Read more about Marcia and Me Chapters 7 - 9 2 comments. Chapters 4 - 6. Read more about Marcia and Me Chapters 4 - 6 7 comments. Chapters 1 - 3. Read more about Marcia and Me Chapters 1 - 3 5 comments.

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Crossdressing spanking forced feminization non-consenual gay sex. Read more about A Tail of a boy and his Mummy 3 comments.

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Nikki Meets the Kendalls. Nicky's favourite place in the world was a small islet in the lake, where he could be the girl he really was without anyone around. Read more about Nikki Meets the Kendalls. Bailey Summers. Crossdressing Jason Sings. Jem…Chapter Read more about Jem Chapter 23 comments.

Crossdressing Gothic. Read more about I Ain't Gay! Only it was everyone else that was getting changed! Read more about Squires. A New Kid in Town. A new boy has come to town, and Paul seems to start falling in love with him. Read more about A New Kid in Town.

Top 75 Crossdressing Blogs and Websites for Crossdressers

Ninja Girl. This is the story of how a young boy, living in an orphanage, ends up being a ninja girl. Read more about Ninja Girl 2 comments. Read more about Calendar Girls 4 comments. New Author PaddedQuill.

Catherine Murphy explores the world of cross-dressing in Ireland

Permission granted to post by author. What happens when the lamp you buy isn't the one you intend to buy? A story inspired by a sketch with the annotation "girly lamp. Amy Lynn. Crossdressing Bravery Surviving Abuse Nostaglia. Timmy held out his hand. I kinda like that pink nail-polish. Lily Florette. Fiction Serial Chapter. Crossdressing Transformations Horror. Read more about Crossdressing Charlie Vol. Like Brothers, Like Sisters — Part 1 By Amy Lynn A gentle breeze blew along the Sherman Street and the dandelions in everyone's yard waved back and forth in response, the fluff of those that had turned to seed hanging on for the ride.

Read more about Like Brothers, Like Sisters 12 comments. Preteen or Intermediate. Crossdressing Training Bras s.

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Read more about Patrick's First Training Bra 11 comments. Read more about Andy's Diary part 2 8 comments. Autobiographical Wishes. Childhood Gynecomastia.

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Read more about Andy's Diary part 1 12 comments. Jessica C. Crossdressing Acceptance and Rejection Summer camp setting unexpected consequences. Transgender Crossdressing Mystery or Suspense. Crossdressing Tights Mental health pleated skirts bras and panties long brown hair. On my blog I will be exploring women's clothes and men being able to wear them in a fashionable manner and other various topics that interest me. Follow this blog to get articles on crossdressing, fashion, style, and being transgender! Blog unordinarystyle.

Twitter followers 4. Blog worldofcrossdressing. About Blog Crossdreamers are men and women who dream about being the other gender and who might even get turned on by such dreams. They are all part of the diverse family called transgender or gender variant people. Blog crossdreamers. About Blog Hi! Over the years I have gotten more involved with trans-activism, social awareness and creating a supportive environment for all transwomen.